Tips & Tricks To Avoid and Cure Jet Lag

When it comes to jet lag, it might be something that really takes a toll on you. Many times when we go on long-haul flights we find that our body is just can't take the travel. If you are prone to jet lag and want to know how to get over it quickly, you will love the tips and tricks below. We found just what it takes to avoid jet lag and also cure it if it happens to take a toll on you no matter where your destination and arrival point may be.


When it comes to jet lag the most profound if tax you will feel are in direct relation to your circadian rhythm or internal body clock. That's the basis of jetlag. Because you are flying from one time zone to another more quickly than your internal body clock can keep up with, jetlag sets in. The human body is only capable of Shifting its circadian rhythm about 60 to 90 minutes per day. So when you fly over multiple times and your internal body clock doesn't have time to catch up. The best way to prepare for this if you are about to travel through multiple time zones is to actually recalculate your circadian rhythm before you travel. This means adjusting your waking times, as well as meal times, and the time you go to sleep. You want to do this according to your destination time zone little by little a few days before you take your trip.


Next, you will want to set your watch to the time of your destination. When you get on the flight set your watch and all clocks to the destination time zone so you're already thinking in the destination time. You also want to eat at the times that you would eat during your stay. That's because you're actually has its own internal clock as well. You want to digest and metabolize food at the same time that you are in the destination time zone that way your circadian rhythm really gets on point. It's also not about when you eat but also what you eat. Certain foods like hot sauce and spicy entrees can keep you awake while other foods can promote sleep. You want to eat a meal with high levels of tryptophan like turkey or vegetables with complex carbohydrates. The combination of these foods will actually help promote natural sleep rhythms that will help you reset your internal clock.

You should also choose an airline that gives you peace of mind. Airlines like Southwest allow you to check two bags, so you don’t have to fool around with a bunch of carry-on stuff. This way you can talk to your cabin crew about waking you up when meals are served and adjusting the temperature to stay cool on the flight - which can help you avoid jet lag. Also, avoid the alcohol where possible. Drink more water to flush toxins as you fly. All of this can help you avoid jet lag all together so that you can enjoy your trip once you get there.